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  • Instant Funds Transfer to any bank.
  • 24X7X365 availability
  • Credit and debit confirmations to sender and receiver
  • Simple & Easy to use
  • Fast, inexpensive, safe & secure, accessible

IMPS offers an instant, 24X7, interbank electronic immediate fund transfer service through mobile phones. IMPS is an emphatic tool to transfer money instantly within banks across India through mobile, internet and ATM which is not only safe but also economical both in financial and non-financial perspectives.

P2P: Phone to Phone payment:

IMPS funds transfer – Person to Person (P2P) Using Mobile Number and MMID. (MMID Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) is a 7 digit number issued by a bank against an account linked to a mobile number. Remitter (customer who wants to send money) and Beneficiary (customer who wants to receive money) should have this MMID for doing interbank funds transfer - IMPS. Sender needs to mention the MMID and Mobile number of the recipient in the mobile banking application).

MMID can be generated by going to IMPS ->Generate MMID in BUPGB M-Connect, MMID of each registered A/C will be delivered via SMS.

P2A: Phone to A/c payment:

IMPS funds transfer – Person to A/C (P2A) Using IFSC and Account Number. (Customer can remit money to other bank’s accounts using account number of the beneficiary & IFSC code of the branch where beneficiaries account reside.)

P2M : Phone To Merchant (P2M):

Customer can make payments at shops & other commercial establishments. It will be available soon. There are two ways in which IMPS merchant payment (P2M – Person-to-merchant) transaction can be performed:

  • Customer initiated transaction (P2M PUSH)- In the customer initiated transaction (P2M PUSH), customer initiates transaction through the Bank’s mobile banking application or SMS facility provided by the Bank. The Bank offers ‘IMPS merchant payments’ form in the mobile banking application (this form is available in ‘IMPS’ menu on the main menu of mobile application) or SMS syntax for performing P2M PUSH transaction. Customer needs to enter the following parameters:
    Payment Reference

  • Merchant initiated transaction (P2M PULL): In Merchant Initiated transaction (P2M PULL), the transaction is initiated through Merchant application (such as Merchant website, WAP site, IVR, mobile application). The typical steps to follow for making transaction through P2M PULL are as follows: Visit merchant application such as web site, mobile application, or WAP site Select product / service for which payment is to be made In the payment options available, choose IMPS

Enter credentials as follows:

  • Customer mobile number
  • Customer MMID
  • OTP (One-Time Password)
  • The transaction status is displayed on the screen
  • The customer needs to enter the credentials - Customer mobile number (as registered with the Bank), customer MMID (as generated by Bank) and OTP (One-Time Password, as generated by customer).
  • Open BUPGB M-Connect On your Mobile
  • Enter App Login Password
  • Tap on IMPS Module
  • Click on proper Type of IMPS
  • Select Account No.
  • Enter Required Information
  • Conform the Entered Information
  • Enter MPIN
  • Press Ok
  • Wow ! Transfer Done

My account is debited but Beneficiary’s account is not credited?

As per NPCI’s policy, in such scenario, beneficiary bank will give manual credit to beneficiary’s account on T+1 basis (next day of transaction), after carrying out reconciliation process. If beneficiary do not receive the fund even after T+1 day please contact your base branch. After checking the status, IMPS department will charge back against beneficiary bank. Customer’s account will be refunded (subject to, if beneficiary bank will not represent our Bank’s charge back) within TAT by giving manual credit.

My account was debited but fund was reversed back?

There may be some technical difficulty, due to which transaction was not successful. Wait for half an hour, Check mini statement, after ensuring that the amount is reversed back, initiate a fresh IMPS transaction.

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