Ru Pay Card

BUPB Debit Card enables you to access at BUPB ATMs spread across the centers & ATMs of member banks of National Financial Switch in India. These cards also provide you convenience of usage at literally all major merchant outlets in India make online purchases through internet. Enjoy the convenience of cash-less purchasing power without the fear of overdrawing your account.

To Block the RuPay Card, Please call at 1800229779, 09323990644, 022-26776701 , 022-26776702 by your registered mobile number.

We offer wide range of debit cards to suit your growing requirements and lifestyle.

RuPay Card

We are pleased to introduce another customer centric initiative by launching RuPay DI Debit Card. The card has been aimed to provide attractive offers and scheme in coordination with NPCI.

Other Benefits

  • BUPB Interconnected ATMs spread across major centres.
  • Member Bank’s ATMs of National Financial Switch in the country.
  • For convenient shopping, dining out at outlets accepting RuPay Cards in India.
  • e-Commerce transactions wherever RuPay Cards are accepted
  • Up to Rs 50,000/- day at POS/e-commerce
  • Secured PIN & CVD2 for online transactions
  • Acceptable at all NFS ATMs and RuPay POS across India
  • Cash withdrawal Rs. 25,000/- per day from ATM
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