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Product Name  Salient Features  Effective Rate
Housing Loans

Our Home Loan Scheme comprises a no. of tailor-made different plans to suit the need of all types of customers. Our plans include Housing loan for purchase of new/old Houses and flats, loans for improvement/ repair of house, Takeover of existing home loans from other banks/FIs, Home loan for extension of existing Houses,  and many others. We assure the most competitive interest rates connected with CIBIL score, prevailing in the banking industry. 

(Credit Vision) Score
Floating Fixed
726 & above BPLR-5.65% BPLR-3.65%
>700 but < 726 BPLR-4.75% BPLR-2.75%
Below 700 BPLR-3.75% BPLR-1.75%
CIBIL (-1) BPLR-4.75% BPLR-2.75%
   Staff (Public Scheme) BPLR-4.35% BPLR-2.35%
Personal Loan

Fulfill your dreams. Come with required papers, go with desired money as per your eligibility . We provide personal loans to  salaried class at most competitive interest rates  on suitable terms. We charge interest on daily reducing balance and DO NOT CHARGE any prepayment penalty. 

768 & above BPLR-2.75% BPLR-0.85%
726 to 767 BPLR-1.75% BPLR+0.15%
700 to 725 BPLR-0.50% BPLR+1.40%
Below 700 BPLR+2.00% BPLR+4.00%
CIBIL (-1) BPLR-1.75% BPLR+0.15%
Education Loan

Get higher education with our Education Loan Scheme. Education subsidy provided by Goverment of India under CSIS scheme is also available for eligible students as per norms , terms and conditions of GOI. Enjoy the concession of 1% in interest rate if interest is serviced during study period when repayment  holiday is specified for interest repayment under the scheme and regular repayment of EMI is made. GIRLS students will get 0.50% interest rebate. For student of premier institution eg. IIM Ahmedabad/Kolkata/Bangalore/ XLRI-Jamshedpur etc., we charge only 9.55 % interest rate.

Up to Rs. 04.00 Lakh                         (0.5% rebate-Girl Student) BPLR - 3.75% BPLR-1.20%
>4.00 L to 7.50 L   (0.5% rebate-Girl Student) BPLR - 3.75% BPLR-1.20%
> Rs. 7.50 Lakh                                       (0.5 % rebate-Girl Student) BPLR - 3.10% BPLR+0.30%
All Cases
(Premier Inst) such as IIM-Ahmadabad/ Kolkata/ Bangalore/ XLRI-Jamshedpur etc.
BPLR-5.70 BPLR-3.70%
Car  Loans

Ride any vehicle of your choice and we will finance it at most suitable terms. Enjoy the rich benefits of  interest on daily reducing  balance. No premature penalty for early payment of loan. Repayment period 36 Months to 84 Months.

(Credit Vision) Score
Preferred Non-Preferred Preferred Non-Preferred
768 & above BPLR-5.40% BPLR-5.15% BPLR-3.40% BPLR-3.15%
726 to 767 BPLR-4.85% BPLR-4.45% BPLR-2.85% BPLR-2.45%
675 to 725 BPLR-3.65% BPLR-3.45% BPLR-1.65% BPLR-1.45%
Below 675 BPLR-2.25% BPLR-2.15% BPLR-0.25% BPLR-0.15%
CIBIL (-1) BPLR-4.85% BPLR-4.45% BPLR-2.85% BPLR-2.45%
Staff BPLR-5.10% NA BPLR-3.10% NA
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