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Features & Benefits

  • SMS alert will help the customer to have better control on his balance in the account.
  • Helps him to know whether any transaction happened in his account without his knowledge.
  • SMS alert is useful to prevent the fraud and to take corrective steps in case the transaction is not a genuine one.
  • Customer who do not want the alerts may discontinue the services by contacting base branch.
  • In case of change of Mobile Number customer to inform the base Branch to make changes accordingly in the system.
  • General reasons for non-delivery of the SMS may be Hand set problem, roaming not allowed, Mobile out of coverage areas, Mobile network related problems, Service vendor issue.
  • Alerts are available for
Cash (Credit/Debit) Transactions
DBTL Transaction
NEFT/RTGS (Credit/Debit) Transactions
ATM (Credit/Debit) Transactions
IMPS (Credit/Debit) Transactions
POS Debit Transactions
POSReversal Transactions
UPI (Credit/Debit) Transaction
M-Connect (Credit/Debit) Transactions
AEPS Transfer (Credit/Debit)
AEPS Cash Withdrawal
E-BANK (Credit/Debit)
E-BANK - Cheque Stop
E-BANK - Locker Operation
Clearing (Inward ,Outward and Return)
Transfer Transactions (Credit/Debit)
KCC Renewal Due
Account In-Operative
Minimum QAB
Mobile Number Change Intimation
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