Two Wheeler Loan

Get Your Own Vehicle

For those individuals who prefer to travel more conservatively or to get to their destinations faster, a two-wheeler is as much a boon as it is to a car owner. With newer models coming out each year, the options available to the customer are both attractive as well as convenient.

Two-Wheeler Loan make it possible to purchase a two-wheeler and pay back in easy monthly instalments, thereby reducing the burden of a one-time payment. Avail of loan up to Rs. 50000/- for any make & model of two wheeler.

Key Benefits

All resident Indians, salaried, self-employed, and farmers can apply for this loan.
Finance for a maximum Rs. 50000/- (or five times of the monthly income, whichever is less) can be availed of through the loan.
The loan amount can be repaid in maximum 60 months from the date of disbursement of loan.

Terms & Conditions

Margin of 10% on loan amount.
As security against the loan, the vehicle is hypothecated to the bank.
Bank's lien on the vehicle to be noted with RTO.
The vehicle will have to be insured with the bank interest clause.

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